Fabric that inspires

About six months ago a did a swap with Hippyxic.
She was very generous giving me all kinds of lovely goodies and fabric. There was one fabric in particular that I liked and that has since inspired me to make three things with it.

First a holder for Simon's babywipes... it really does make cleaning yukky babybottoms a little less yukky :)

Baby wipes holder

Then I made this bookcover for Michel.

And a couple of days ago I made this cushion. I really like it and it looks very good with the others.


The good thing is that I still have some fabric left!


Kristy said...

I miss Lu!!!
Lovely use of her fabric.

beki said...

Such beautiful fabric! All your creations are gorgeous! I can understand how you were inspired.

African Kelli said...

You've got to love fabric that makes you sit down and want to create. That is too cool.

capello said...

love the cushions! it's amazing how much pretty fabric really does make us happy.

ettesa said...

Great designs and creations it reminds me of when I did something similar and my house mate spilt coffee on the pillow cases I designed she then proceeded to hang them out on rotary washing lines without actually washing them allowing the stain to dry in fresh air of the world, ruined by a friend.