A plate of yummies

Last night I finished the last of these six tissue holders.
I love them... they're so quick, easy and fun to make!
And these turned out even better than the ones I made before.

Tissue holder #9

All those happy fabrics and ribbons are really my thing. I really enjoy photographing them too, so I made a new set for them :))

Tissue holders

We had a great time at the weekend. We went away with friends to a cottage.
The weather was still beautiful and we did lots of fun things like this:

and this:

Oh, and the lovely Miss Woolly did a little feature on me on her blog... check it out!!

*edit* I just saw this tutorial on Whipup; if you'd like to make your own tissue holders but don't know where to start!


Leanne said...

You know, those tissue holders make me almost want to have the sniffles! C*U*T*E!!! Your weekend looks like it was splendid as well... what a sweetie on that swing!

Monica said...

they do look fab. Your colours are gorgeous as usual!

And thank you for the link to the tutorial. I might just have to try it!

jojo* said...

Pretty pretty!

weirdbunny said...

Just look at that horse and cart, it's like the wagons in the wild west. Cowboy's ahead.

littlesnoring said...

I love your work! I have been meaning to try to make some of these, you are just the inspiration I needed!

Samantha said...

I saw these photos on Flickr.

They look stunning together!

hummmlan said...

Very nice tissue holders. I think I will try to sew one of these! Love your work :-)

blair said...

I really love all of the beautiful patchwork you're doing Mirre, the colors are very Oilily-ish, lovely!

kristin said...

these are wonderful!! you inspire me to want to try one :) also, what cute boys you have :)

mumsies & family said...

I want to have one forin my bag, please! Kiss Clari. I mean the tissueholder.