Cushion extravaganza

This weekend I finally finished the three cushions that I started oh so long ago!

New pillows are finally finished

I had some doubts about the colour-combos and wasn't sure whether they would turn out to my liking. Suddenly I realised what they needed though... a yellow border.
Now they are as bright and cheerful as I wanted them to be. And they make my shabby sofa not look so shabby anymore :))


For Simon's birthday I just had to make him a cushion as well. Why? Because I made one for Amber's birthday too, of course! Michel was a bit worried that I was going to make a girly cushion for him, but he can relax... this cushion is perfectly suitable for a boy, isn't it?!

I wanted to make an I spy cushion, because Simon is really starting to talk (a lot!) right now. He is literally learning new words and sentences everyday. He is able to identify all the images on the cushion... even if it is just broom-broom and clack-clack sometimes!

By the way, almost all the fabrics I used I received from Amy a couple of months ago, for which again I say thanks!

Until so far this cushion extravaganza, but since I LOVE making cushions, I'm sure there will be new ones in the future!

For other people's cushions see the Flickr-group.


jojo* said...

I love 'em...they're so beautiful and plump and cushy. Well done.

Samantha said...

They are so beautiful. What patience you must have had.

Love the little cyclist detai on the back !

Amy said...

Oh yay! What a wonderful idea to make an eye-spy pillow. It turned out all patchworky and lovely.

Your other pillows are quite fetching too. Those tiny rows of log cabin are super impressive -- that takes A WHILE! Good for you!

weirdbunny said...

I love your log cabin cushions, and what a wonderful idea to make an i spy cushion to keep the children talking!

kristin said...

oh my!! but you've been busy!! what a wonderful, colorful collection!! great work :)

hannah said...

your cushions look really good! I love all that tiny log cabin work, I have wanted to make log cabin quilting for a while now, i should just do it shouldnt I??

littlesnoring said...

Gorgeous cushions

Monica said...

Your garden looks great and the cushion... where do I start? I LOVE THEM!!!!

Log cabin is my favourite motive... and the colours you choose are so happy. And stylish.

Well done you!