Sentimental journey

Everytime we go to Weesp (with almost always a stop at the ice-cream salon) we go on a sentimental journey.
At almost every buiding, shop, bridge etc. we stop and say:"Do you remember when...?" The place turns us into right geriatrics, but we just love it :)

We lived in Weesp from December 1998 to January 2001. It was our first little apartment together. It was tiny and our stuff hardly fitted in there (we've always been hoarders) but we loved it.
The view from our kitchenwindow was delightful: two windmills.

We spent two very happy years there. I studied in Amsterdam, Michel in Utrecht. Michel quit his studies and started a job, I began my dissertation. We got married. Then I was pregnant, and unfortunately that was the end of Weesp. There was NO WAY we could have fitted another human being in that little house, even if it were a baby. Luckily we were able to find a bigger apartment quickly.

Still, that little town along the river will always have a special place in our hearts. I hope we'll keep coming back there for a long time to come! And of course bore the children with all our sentimental talk :))

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*The result of the big hat drawing... Mijk & LittleSnoring will also receive a surprise from me!*


littlesnoring said...

It looks gorgeous, the townhall where you got married looks positively royal.

It makes me long for a European holiday!

chest of drawers said...

What a beautiful town, I understand why you like to go back there and get all sentimental about the years you spent there.

Mijk said...

Wow I get a present and wow Weesp is pretty. With typical provincial snobism I tend to forget that places in the west of the country are pretty. Crowded but pretty ;-)))))

Alina said...

Looks like a wonderful little town to have lived in.