Quite pleased...

...with my first proper attempt at making a bag:

Real arty...

It's not bad, is it?!

The only baglike thing I've tried before were two big shoppers. One for myself (I use it daily) and one for my sister-in-law. This one:


I made the pattern of this bag up and I'm rather happy with it. For a future bag I would try to do it a little different, but not much :)
While I was sewing I noticed that the fabric was in fact quite beautiful (it was thrifted... ooh I'm proud of myself!).

Amber ordered (demanded) two bags for herself, so I suppose those will be next on my to do-list!

Oh, and I received my order of postcards last week. They were supposed to be "free", but I had to pay almost 25 euros for them. Still, now I have 100!

My postcards arrived today

*Blogger is being a pain, so I'll add the other photos later!*
Edit: Blogger is in a good mood today (almost weekend), so I've added some more photos!


hannah said...

Love both your bags, I hope you have a nice occasion planned now to use your new one. where did you get your 'free' postcards from? I am getting emails almost daily from vistaprint for free cards, but they charge postage so it would probably cost about the same as you paid, I have been toying with the idea. yours look lovely, I like the sunshine on them.

blair said...

That's your first real bag attempt? Its wonderful! As are your postcards, what a great idea.

capello said...

Your first bag attempt has a pleat?

You're wonder woman -- it looks awesome!

jojo* said...

Way to go on your first bag--complete with a pleat!!! It looks great. And so do your lovely postcards. That's a great idea.

chest of drawers said...

Lovely bag, lovely postcards!

Monica said...

I LOVE the bag. AND the postcard.

I'm really enjoying your blog!

kristin said...

i'll have to agree!! bag and cards are both wonderful!! and 100? wow!! have you got big plans for them?

molly said...

i love the new bag. that little pleat in the front is so cute!
and those notecards are so neat, too. can't wait to see more pictures.