The rounds

Do you have a strict routine surfing the internet too?!

Bloglines is my starting page and after scanning that quickly I then open my e-mail.
I have three different accounts for different purposes. I *heart* getting mail; unfortunately I've also been receiving lots and lots of spam recently.

Then I go to Flickr. There is always so much to do there!! First I read the new comments. Then I check my views, the new photos of my contacts and my groups.
By the way I just started two new Flickr-groups: Placemats and Tissueholders. Come and have a look and join if you like :)

Whilst checking e-mail and Flickr I'm also reading the new posts of my favourite blogs and leave comments as much as I can.

These are the three most important things I do on the internet. But ofcourse there are many other places that I like to visit, such as here (for the latest news and weather), and here (for the best laughs), and here, and here.

A website that I also really love is Craftygirls. If you're interested in Dutch crafty life then this is the place to be. Here you find crafty projects, links to crafty people/shops and ofcourse there's the forum where I like to hang out :)
There is also a monthly goodiebag for sale with promotional mini-items. The next will be up for sale tomorrow 20.30h and I've donated some goodies too this month!

All this checking on blogs and websites keeps me content and occupied for a long time. Sometimes so long that Michel gets irritated and asks me: What on earth are you doing all the time?! To which I always answer: Oh, just doing the rounds!
So I'm just going to do a quick last round and then I go downstairs to my lovely hubbie who waits for me with tea and chocolate!

Just a photo of some fun we had today. Is Amber wearing her pyjamas in the middle of the day?! Well, yes she is! I tried to have her take a nap, because she's been quite tired these last days, but ofcourse she wouldn't sleep!


Mijk said...

Funny I am always a bit intimidated by craftygirls. I guess they make me feel not so crafty. And I am missing the promomonsters yet again! I'm having sewingclass today (and they will be all sold within an hour or so I'm afraid.. )

You package has arrived and I LOVe it! Will blog soon..

chest of drawers said...

I love your colourful doors! I also take time every morning to "do the rounds". The children leave the house at 7am and then I take my cup of coffee and go to the computer. I check the local and Australian news and weather, check my comments and my favourite blogs and then flickr and I try to look at one new blog every day although most days I don´t stop at one. At 8.35am one of my favourite TV shows begins (CHIC on Arte) and that´s when the computer gets turned off or I would sit here all day.

hannah said...

I dont have a set routine, I usually read my emails when I first turn on the computer, after that it varies, I tend to do blog reading, from my drop down bookmarked list of hundreds(I am still compiling bloglines) and I will read whichever takes my fancy, there are some I visit more than others of course. sometimes then I will go on flickr, and visit a few new blogs and flickr places if I can.

I do this whenever I get a spare moment in the day, or at night when the kids are in bed and hubby is watching tv of playing Ukulele or guitar somewhere.

hannah said...

oh, just wanted to add, love your painted doors! they are so cool.

Michaiah said...

Yes, that's my girl. Fleeing away from me. ;( (pinking away a tear)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I feel like blogging is having a full time job, and that I need a pa to help with all the comments and commenting on other peoples blog. However I'm obbsessive about the blog and blogging so it's mt fault!!

Monica said...

lovely colourful house!!

Yes my husband grumbles too. But then he's always watching football so we're even.