Double WIP

Crafting is slow these days.
I don't have a lot of spare time at the moment and when I do I'll sooner find myself on the sofa with a magazine than behind the sewing machine. However, I keep making progress even if it's on a snail's pace, which is why I'm able to show you not one, but two WIPs! Yay!

First up are three (commissioned!) pincushions. They are the same, just different colours. I'm making them for someone who's going to give them as presents to three women in Bosnia. Hooray, my pincushions are going to Bosnia!! (Or was it Serbia?! Well, I don't mind either way, although they might...)

Second are three log cabin cushion I'm working on. They are meant to go on the sofa (there where I like to spend my time these days...), because I'm a little tired of the cushions that I have on there now. Again they are made with fabrics from my stash. I'd like to see what they will look look like when they're finished, because right now I don't think they look as good as the cushion I made for Amber's birthday.

After I've finished these I really have to start working on my three things for Plush You!


Wendy said...

Everything looks lovely. You have been very busy.

weirdbunny said...

I love the colours you use. You must be a really happy person to be attracted to such bright fabric.

capello said...

I love your log cabin pillow. They look so intricate and detailed. They must take a long time!

beki said...

I love all your bright colors!

kristin said...

lovely!! gorgeous colors!! i always feel so inspired when i come here:)

Michaiah said...

Again, some of your cute little petals from the blossoming flower of your creativity!