What's wrong with you?!

Look at this creature...

Something is not right!

Eeeeh, it's a bunny without ears!!

And a very strange pointy head too!!

As you can see I made a Wee Bunny. I think this is the pattern I want to use for my BackTack softie (I have to get a move on with that!). It's nice and simple, which I think will go well with the patchwork I want to make.
I didn't forget the ears and they weren't bitten off by a fox or something, but I didn't really like them, so I thought I'd just see how it would look without the ears. A bit bald...
What do you call a bunny that has no ears and therefore isn't really a bunny?!
Another thing I wondered was whether it's head is supposed to look so pointy at the back?!
Here you can see a lot more Wee Bunnies.

About the job interview... it went very well!!
It was a nice and friendly talk in a relaxed atmosphere. We talked much longer than we were supposed to, but we just had so much to talk about.
The only thing that I found difficult was summing up some of my strong and weak points; that's so hard to say about yourself! But all in all a very positive experience and if I don't get the job then it will be because of the flexible hours they want me to work (which is hard for me because of the children) and not because I made a bad impression.
So fingers crossed... I think I'm going to hear something soon. If I get the job then they would like me to start the 1st of June!!


Wendy said...

He looks really sweet with no ears and his head is not pointy at all. Glad the interview went well.

krista said...

Ewww I hate it when they ask you to mention your strong and weak points... you don't want to sound boastful when talking about the good bits, but you don't want them to hear about the weak bits, because you want the job, right? Anyway, I bet you handled it like a champ, glad it went well.
And the wee creature, she is so cute!
Crossing my fingers you have the job :)

littlesnoring said...

I think it does look a bit weird, but only because you mentioned it. If you had not mentioned the ears, I probably wouldn't have noticed.

ps. I used this pattern for my Back-tack project, but don't tell, I don't want my partner to find out yet!

Julie said...

nice bunny!
OOOh, hope you get the job? What do you do??

Sandrine (alias Didine ♥ ) said...

I pray for you ! and I cross my hand's fingers and feet's fingers !! Big hugs to you my dear :o)

weirdbunny said...

I binned my wee bunny, it was so awful!! I'll pray for you that the interview went well. (I've sneeked into the internet cafe to see what everyones up too)

marcisenders said...

This is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing this wonderful site with us.