Krimpy dinky shrinky winky

Thanks everyone for all the good advice on my RSI!
I suppose the most sensible thing to do is go to the doctor, so I will do that... soon!

Just a quick post tonight to show you the krimpy dinky (or whatever they are called, I keep forgetting) pins I made yesterday. Michel is waiting impatiently downstairs with a new episode of Lost... we're at a really scary part!

So this is how my pins turned out. It was fun to do, but they aren't perfect. I don't really like the fact that the paper turned white, clear would have been nicer. And the black marker faded into yellow in the oven; I don't know why this happened. Also some of the bits look a bit overcooked :)
I need some markers in other colours too.
But all in all a fun quick thing to do.

Oh, and of course these new pins also needed a new pincushion, which I whipped up from the fabric I bought for BT3. The basis of the pincushion is made of a bottlecap, which seems to be the latest trend in pincushion land (I didn't use a tutorial but I saw a very good one on Flickr)!


jojo* said...

Your title has me cracking up! I've always wanted to try the shrinky dink pins. Yours look nice. Were they hard to make?

weirdbunny said...

I was given some of those shrinky dink pins as a gift, but I'd love too make them too. I like yours loads.

Megan said...

Those pincushions are so cute. The shrinky dinks look fine in the photo and I love the fabric they are all photographed on!

molly said...

they look fantastic! i love them and I think the white looks really nice, too. i've got to try this! So--did you see the fake commercial that ran during LOST this week?