Perfect day

Tuesday was a great mix of sunshine, shopping, food and just walking around without having to worry about anyone but myself.

The main reason why I wanted to go to Alkmaar was this shop:

Although of course the town itself has a lot more to offer than just Oilily.

Look at this fantastic shop we passed...

But yes, I had a good look around Oilily; both the normal shop and the outlet store. And came away with quite a lot. Of inspiration.... Because there is just no way that I could afford shopping there for the children and quite frankly I think a lot of stuff is overpriced (although the materials used are undoubtedly high quality).

Nevertheless, I did buy something (and it's May, so I'm allowed!!) :))

A shirt for Simon (chosen for the frogs... he LOVES frogs)

And a pair of trousers:

This great fabric:

And this pretty fabric, which will become a birthday dress for Amber.

After all the walking around we had a picnic at the beach. It was a wonderful day.
Yesterday we picked up the kids again and now everything is back to normal. The wheather is spectacular, so we are soaking up every bit of sun we can. We need it so much after this looooong winter!


jojo* said...

I've never been to an Oilily before. Look at all the fun stuff you bought. Sounds like a perfect day!

weirdbunny said...

Wow I've never been in an oilily stre before. However a week ago in a shop called tk maxx in clearance were a pair for oilily trousers for £10.00. I went back to get them and the'd gone!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you got to buy some steuff.

knittingajour said...

Hi, first time that I entered your blog, and I like it! Nice pics and you're a talented girl!

Marieke said...

I also went to the Oilily Outlet store once, way back when my kids were a lot younger. Even the outlet-prices were huge.

With you skills your daughter will look like a princess. Making your childrens clothes is so much more rewarding. I'm sure the dress will turn out equally beautiful if not more and it will be unique and soooo much cheaper ;0)