Wish me luck...

I have a job interview tomorrow!

(I never write about my work and I think that it's best that way. You never know who might be reading this and how things could be interpreted. This said, I'm almost completely sure that none of my collegues will read this. In fact I believe that only one of them owns a computer.)

I'm nervous, but not freaked out (good thing). I really want this job, but my life doesn't depend on it. I do need the change of environment though and I think this would be so much fun. I'm afraid the only thing that might be problematic is the kind of hours they want me to work... I hope we'll be able to find a solution for that.

I have very little experience applying for jobs and usually with these kinds of things the nerves get the better of me and I start to stammer and forget how to act normal. I hope I'm ok tomorrow. The lady on the phone sounded nice and I think the atmosphere will be informal.

Of course I had nothing to wear (I don't allow myself to buy new clothes until I loose weight...), so I had to buy something today. Fortunately the kids were angelic (yes, I had to feed them cookies and ice-cream ;)) and I actually managed to find something that I liked. Here a photo of the blouse:

I know you can't see anything :))))

And two photos of my little angels.
Amber had a playdate with two friends today and couldn't decide whether she was a princess, fairy or angel. Why not all at the same time?!

And Simon enjoying our first ever bbq in our OWN garden this weekend. It was delicious and wonderful!

PS Does your Flickr look funny too? I suppose they've changed it.


Michaiah said...

I'm sure you don't need luck tomorrow!
Luuuv you!

Laura said...

Veel succes!! Rustig blijven ademhalen.
Ja, irritant he, van Flickr, waarom moeten dingen toch altijd veranderen?

Sterkte morgen!

Kristy said...

All the best for tomorrow!Yes my Flickr does look funny too.

Wendy said...

Best of luck for your interview.

jojo* said...

I always get nervous before interviews too...but that's a good thing, I think. It means it's important to you. Go in there and show them all you have to offer. Best of luck!!!

chest of drawers said...

I´m crossing my fingers for you on your job interview...it´s been a decade since I had to go to one of those. I´m sure your sunny personality and your enthusiasm will shine through.

Samantha said...

Congratulations for your interview! Keep us posted x

Julie said...

Good good luck! Let us know...of course!!
How is your wrist?
Hope you are feeling better!

Megan said...

Best of luck for the interview, look forward to hearing how it goes.

molly said...

I hope your interview goes/is going well!! Wishing nice, calm vibes!
Your daughter looks fantastic...just like how one of mine would dress...is that a kitty in her arms? did you make it? it looks so cute!

Amy said...

Ahh - is Amber holding a pointy kitty? So sweet! I don't trust Bea with mine :)

Yes - not sure about this new flickr look -- weird.

Good luck on the new job.

Anonymous said...

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