Magazine holder

Colour is this week's theme for Whiplash.
It is the last week of the competition and it feels a bit funny to post my first entry only now.
This, however, is not because I haven't been interested before, but somehow I haven't managed to finish anything in time (for the chic to classic theme I came close -made embroidered letters and all-, but still was unable to finish it).
Anyway, I made a magazine-holder today where you can tuck away all those magazines that are littering your house (well, my house in any case). Doesn't this look a lot nicer on the coffee-table?!

It is colourful, which is just the way I like it. My house is full of orange, yellow and green. In the upstairs hallway we have six doors which we painted yellow, orange, pink, green and aqua-blue. I'll try to take a photo soon! Colours simply make me happy and personally I think you can never have enough of them :)

The holder is made of a pretty Italian placemat that was given to me a couple of months ago, some ribbon and a piece of Designer's Guild fabric with a cut-out mermaid on it.
This holder will be on its way to a mermaid-lover soon!


PS Thank you all for your kind comments about my new job! Some of you wondered what sort of job it is, which I will gladly tell you per e-mail. I don't know if you think I'm a bit paranoid, but I'd rather not have that kind of information on here :))


Julie said...

The colours are really lovely - Im still waiting to hear what your job is...heehee!!)

jojo* said...

What a clever idea. We have a ton of magazines here and I'm always looking for ways to keep them less sloppy-looking. Love the colors you chose.

Hanna said...

gosh is the competition over allready? I didn't even make one entry for it, but one of my dolls was mentioned on wipup so I can't complain! :-)

take care, great magazine holder!

Megan said...

How very creative of you, and it looks wonderful. I agree with you about colour - you never can have too much!

creative kismet said...

brilliant idea! Lovely colors!

Anonymous said...

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