Party pillow

Today our little cousin/niece Sarah is one year old!
Happy birthday!

Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the party today, because I have to work, but I will add to the heap of presents with this cushion I made.

Green and blue are the colours in her room, so that's what I used.
I bought the fabric from the back for a summerdress for Amber about two years ago. Shame on me for not having made a dress yet... there is enough fabric left for the dress, so next spring I'm definitely going to make one :)

I hope Sarah likes the cushion (doesn't a one-year-old like anything that's wrapped in pretty paper?!) and that she'll have a great birthday today!


African Kelli said...

How could she not like it? Beautiful! I'll bet she uses that for her entire life. It would look lovely in a dorm room, etc...

monica said...

she'll love it!!!

It's gorgeous and will treasure forever.

chest of drawers said...


capello said...

i'm sure she LOVES it. it is so cute!