Superfast craft fun

What I crafted today I recommend to anyone who's in need of a quick craft project. You know when you're sometimes really busy and you really have no time or energy to start some serious sewing, but that little nagging voice keeps telling you to be creative.... well, go make a noticeboard (or two)!


I don't really know where I got the idea from. I saw that Samantha had made one, but probably others make them too. It is super easy though. All you need is two cheap canvases, a bit of fabric and some ribbon... it's finished in no time and satisfaction is garanteed.

Lovely ribbon

How do you like my ribbon? Fancy, isn't it? A little Burberry even :)
I'm going to use these boards for Christmascards. I bought mine already at Ikea, I thought they were quite lovely.
Why I don't make my own Christmascards? Because that'll take me a lot longer than whipping up a noticeboard and I don't want to add to the holiday stress ;)

Christmascard on noticeboard


kristin said...

wonderful and beautiful work!! are you sure it's quick though? i worry by the time i would manage to get everything together, my crafting energy would be used up :)

melba said...

I have been wanting to make a big one like this for my daughter's room. have you seen any tutorials on it?

Leanne said...

Too too cute, and too too fun! Love it! I've got some really cute retro cowgirl fabric that would be perfect for this....can't wait to try it!

chest of drawers said...

Great idea!

capello said...

cute! cute!

beki said...

Those are nice, I like it!

hippyxic said...

lovely idea!!****