Need help picking out my birthday present!

People, I need you for advice!
My lovely hubby (or hush puppy as my colleague said yesterday) wants to give me a Typepad-account for my birthday. I've been wanting to make the switch for quite some time and now he's made the decision for me... isn't he the sweetest?!

So just now I've been checking out the website and what I really want to know is whether Basic will be good enough, or do I really need to get Plus?
What do you have and are you happy with it?
Is Typepad the best choice anyway?

Please, share your experiences with me! I'm so excited at the prospect of switching that I really want to do it NOW!

This photo does it no justice at all, but the sunrise was amazing this morning. A huge bright red ball of fire.


Felicia said...

After a long time with blogger and a brief bit with wordpress I bit the bullet and went with Typepad. I can't believe the difference. Its the difference between a cheap motel and a nice hotel. You won't regret going with Typepad and what a lovely present. I've gotta recommend you go with the plus because the basic limits you to a handfull of layouts and templates. The Plus gives you much more freedom. But you do get to try it out for a month for free. You could try it with basic and really easily move up to plus at anytime. I sound like a commercial. LOL Promise I'm making no money off them! :)

Kristy said...

I've always been with Typepad and had no problems with the basic package.I don't know what the blogger problems are but everyone seems to have them!

capello said...

i've heard typepad is very easy and very awesome.

i'm on blogger and wordpress and yeah THAT'S NOT WORKING OUT TOO WELL.

PJ said...

Hi ...sorry to be different, but I was with Typepad (basic..which is just fine) and when I changed to the free one I was very pleased- faster picture downloads and I was seemingly always seeing Typepad 'down' (maybe they have changed that) I did like all the easy blog formats...very point and click. It was fun, but for now my free one seems great and I'm enjoying learning a little more about the http stuff. So it's all personal choice. Typepad was easier to responding to comments! Have fun!...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

PJ said...

oops...I had Typepad PLUS...the totally user- friendly blog formats that you change everything! I guess if I went back that is the only reason I would! (and for ease of answering comments)

kirsten said...

i think i'd suggest the upgrade. i used basic for the first... 6 months? and it was fine, but you can't customize it. not much anyway. i think you're gonna want plus.

Eren said...

I like my typepad! I switched from blogger several months ago and dont know why I ever started there. Go for the plus! Oh, and happy birthday early!

Krista said...

Defintitely going to want plus! Unless you don't want to customize at all. You still get a good service with basic, but can't personalize your space.
Pro is best of course, but you need to brush up on a little css if you want to be able to REALLY change things around.
Plus is a happy medium.
Then again, just to throw another slant on it... I just moved to Wordpress after being at Typepad for a year and I have all the freedoms of a pro TP account for a tiny fraction of the cost...
And even without css knowledge, WP has so many great templates etc. to choose and the customer service is so fast and efficient. :)
Happy birthday early! And can't wait to see you new space! Weeee!!!

Hurrayic said...

I don't know anything about typepad other than enjoying many blogs using that service. Even thought of trying it myself.
Happy Birthday - what a neato present! Something useful instead of gathering dust somewhere. Tell me what you think when you switch over.

Ragged Roses said...

Hello, thanks for the lovely comments again. I would be interested to hear which one you choose as I have been thinking of changing too! Have a good weekend, gorgeous sunrise.

carolyn said...

Happy Birthday...I started with basic to get the hang of it but moved to plus because of the banner options. Make sure to send out a link whan you switch.