Big girl, small shoes

Amber has achieved something that took many months (years?), tears and a whole lot of courage.
For that she deserved a reward...

Tiny shoes that are impossible to walk on!
She was like Cinderella's step-sister trying to wriggle into these, but you should see how happy she looks when she has them on :))

Now what was the big project that we finally managed to tackle? She now sleeps without a nappy (diaper for you Americans) and that's a BIG deal!
It's been a long road for her, but apparently the time was right now. It's been more of a mental struggle than a physical one; she was just scared to go to sleep without a nappy.

However, on Monday morning -after another dry night- she earned her final sticker and that was that.

We're so proud of you, little big girl!!

Simon fell out of the tree... does he care? No way!

And how do you like my new sunglasses? These were the only remotely normal ones that I could find!! Michel now calls me Queen Bee Bling Bling. Well, this will be the summer of the bee then :)


African Kelli said...

YAY! Go Amber! That is great. We all reach milestones in our own time. Wonderful. :)
And those glasses? Great! You are so pretty Mirre!

Abby said...

Will you send me your email sometime so that I can write you back when you comment? Thanks for reading!

kirsten said...

hello, bling!

hooray for amber! that's a big step and it's good to work hard for something (esp. as cool as dress up shoes!)

chest of drawers said...

Fantastic Amber!
Simon: why aren´t you wearing your lovely new pants???
Love the sunglasses too, I can never find any that suit me.

Ragged Roses said...

It's my first visit to your site, it's wonderful! Well done to Amber - I remember my daughters giving up their nappies - it's such a big step and also a leaving behind of babyhood.
Love the Easter bunnies too.

Michaiah said...

My precious Bee Queen Bling Bling,

You have to get your name right!
I am too proud of our daughter (growing so big).

Ragged Roses said...

Hello - it's me again. Thanks for visiting, yes I do live in Brighton, do you know it well? Enjoy your visit to England.
Kim x

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