Old and expensive

Bit of a dubious title ;)

Today we went here.
Michel heard about this place that sells old building materials that are saved from demolition.
It was quite a magical place. Old treasures stacked up everywhere. You simply didn't know where to look first. Very expensive stuff though (I held on to Simon tightly!).


Lots of beautiful tiles.

Amazing doors.

The main reason why we went there was to look for a dining table that they make from different kinds of wood. We loved the tables: simple, old, solid. Prices varied from € 700-€1400. Something to think about.

Here I am on the road:

And we haven't booked yet, but we're definitely going to England in April :))


kirsten said...

wow! what a fun place to visit! thanks for taking your camera along.

Kristy said...

I love reclaimation and salvage yards.There is always so much treasure but always at a price!
Where in England are you coming to?

African Kelli said...

This is recycling/reusing at its best! BRAVO!!

Ash said...

Thanks for the link Mirre! Now, if I ever win the staatsloterij I know where to go look for stuff to renovate the old house I intend to buy ;)

Seriously, I have been looking for simple untreated timber planks for the bedding surrounds in my garden and I was in the Praxis yesterday - unbelievable how much they cost! So I'll be looking in skips in the neighbour for old door frames etc so that I can use those instead. In the meantime I have plastic - yuck!

Hurrayic said...

We have some here too. Wish they were cheaper too. Love the staircases - wonder where they led?

monica said...

what a gorgeous place. WE lived near one too... but it was soooo expensive.

If you fancy meeting up... let me know!

chest of drawers said...

I love those tiles and doors!!!
Wonderful that you´re going to England...we´re planning a trip there for May so you´ll have to give me some tips. I can´t wait to hit those magazine stands.