I can't believe a week has passed without blogging. Life seems to be racing by at the moment and I'm running to keep up. More on that some other time, or not... perhaps if I just ignore it it will go away.
(Nothing serious going on by the way, just T.O.O. much!)

New rainboots

Nevertheless, today was a good, relaxing day. I decided to leave the household-mess for another day and spend some much needed quality-time with the children.
Nothing too exciting, but very valuable: shopping with Simon, some time spent in the garden, and in the afternoon we went mushroom-searching in the forest. I'll show photos of that soon.


Simon had a great time picking all the remaing tomatoes of the plants in our garden (he was allowed :)) and Amber and I arranged them nicely and took photos. The result is lovely, don't you think?


Take care everyone!

PS My first package arrived, yay!


capello said...

My, my. That is quite a collection of tomatoes.

And I love your golashes. I miss having a pair of my own.

krista said...

Absolutely lovely photographs. And I just love the tomato arrangement AND the bots! :) I was just fooling around with pears today, myself ;) I have been considering starting a whole new Flickr set just for fruits... they're so wonderful to photograph!
What a delicious post!

kristin said...

YES!!!QUITE lovely!! all the red and green...love it :) and nice arrangements-i just had to pick all the remaining tomatoes yesterday as we had our FIRST FROST of the season last night!!! waaaaahhhh...summer is officially over...guess fall is too...:(

molly said...

the girls and i picked our last few tomatoes this afternoon. but i must admit they would have never made such a good photoshoot as yours. beautiful pictures!
happy weekend!