(Almost) party time!

It's Amber's 5th birthday on Wednesday and party preparations are in full swing here.
I just finished this patchwork doll for her:

I'm sure she will like it, since it's nice and girly and even has a heart-shaped face. Besides, she always LOVES everything I make, so I'm not worried. She will also get a matching pillow, but that's still in the making (in other words, it needs to be finished tonight).

Last week Amber made this wonderful drawing of how she envisioned her birthday...

...which Michel made into invitations to her birthday party. They were a big hit among all the children at school, unfortunately we couldn't invite her whole class... (OMG I don't even want to picture it!) I think the 8 children that will come are more than enough!!

Tomorrow she will give treats at school, because they have the day off on Wednesday. We're making cake-ships which we tried out today. They turned out very nice. Simon was was VERY displeased that he had to wait 30 seconds while I was making a photo before he could have a taste.

I've had my first two days at my new job and it's been really great. A lot of information to soak up, but very interesting and fun. Tomorrow I'm going in again.
Better finish that pillow before it gets really late again!


hannah said...

I love the doll, she is beautiful and suitably pretty and girly! (I have an almost-5 year old girl too, I know what its like!!). Her drawing is really good too, good idea for the party invites!!

capello said...

Simon's picture is priceless.

The party looks like it will be tons of fun (and hopefully not too much work).

weirdbunny said...

Happy birthday amber!!
I agree that the whole class just equals stress. Eight is a good number.
Glad the jobs going so well.

littlesnoring said...

Happy Birthday Amber - the doll is beautiful..

Julie said...

Happy birthday Amber! Lovely pressie on the way!!
Enjoy the party!

Samantha said...

That us such a gorgeous little dolls - she's sure tolove it!

Hope the party goes well!

Wendy said...

Lovely doll and I'm sure the pillow case will be finished in plenty of time. Happy Birthday Amber.

Hanna said...

Love the invitations with her drawing on!

Amy said...

Her drawing of the birthday party is absolutely wonderful. Party colors!

And wouldn't it be wonderful if she always loves everything you make!

Gina said...

Awww, that little face.

Anonymous said...

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