8 days a week

Shame on me... 8 days without blogging!!
I'm so behind with everything... reading blogs, commenting, replying to e-mail. But also: housekeeping, paying bills, cooking proper meals, spending time with the children. I suppose this is what it's like when you work full-time :)
I'm not complaining though, I know this is only temporarily and I'm still very happy about the new job.

Anyway, back to bussiness! Let me introduce to you Pandior, the beautiful BT3-softie that came in the mail last week all the way from Australia.

Isn't she gorgeous?! The detail is stunning, which is especially clever when you know that it really is a very small softie. She arrived carrying her own handbag with a tiny bunny in it... so very cute!

There were also lovely presents for me (I believe I'm now the proud owner of three wonderful pieces of Japanese fabric, yay!).

And even some for the kids. This was particularly sweet, since the package arrived on Amber's birthday. Again, look at the detail... it's absolutely stunning!

Thank you so very much for this wonderful package, Amber!! I'm so happy to have had you as my BT-partner :)) And I know you're bit worried about your little Pandior... but I can assure you that she's already feeling quite at home in her new country. Here she is cheering on the Dutch team in the football World Cup!

My own BT-package is still in the mail, but hopefully Jack will arrive very soon at his new home!


molly said...

what wonderful gifts. that bear looks so cute. i love its expression...and all those extra goodies. she spoiled you!! :)

weirdbunny said...

What a brilliant swap, you must have bee really pleased.

Sandra said...

I can really relate to the 1st paragraph you wrote! The same thing for me - I'm behind in everything including Backtack ;o) The bear is cute and seems to be doing an excellent job of supporting the Dutch soccer team!

Megan said...

You busy, busy woman! I am sure you are doing just fine - as you say, things will settle down in the future. And three cheers for the Dutch football team!!

capello said...

Oh, wonderful swap! Everything is so amazing, I just can't stand it!

Gina said...

Aw, how cute!