To a faraway place!

Yesterday we went to visit my sister in Groningen.
Because Holland is such a small country we tend to think of any distance over 50 km as FAR! And Groningen is about 200 km from our house so it was a long journey.
But it was nice to drive through a part of Holland that we rarely ever go to. It's so much quieter there than where we live!
The children were little angels too in the backseat; and we didn't even have to quiet them down with sweets or toys... They were happy just to suck on their thumb (daughter) and dummy (son) and look out of the window.
My sister and her boyfriend (both students) live in the absolute centre of the city in an old bank-building. They have so much space and the views over the city are great. They are so lucky to live there!
Oh yeah, they cooked us up a very nice meal too :-)


Mijk said...

Zit me nu suf te piekeren waar je zus woont. Op de vismarkt?
Tja ik woon dus ook heel ver weg!

Mijk said...

Grappig mijn zwager woonde vroeger in Huizen vodn dat toen ook heel verw eg. Nu woont-ie in china! Afstand is relatief

Mirre said...

He Mijk,

leuk dat je een berichtje hebt achtergelaten!
Mijn zusje woont op de Grotemarkt. Woon je zelf ook in Groningen?