I've just written my 200th post on my new blog. It's also my official housewarming party on Typepad... I do prefer it over there ;)

This blog is from now on closed. Head on over to Typepad if you want to be included in the give-away!


Happy happy joy joy

Lots of excitement going on in our lives, such as winning cars and stuff...

Read it all here!


I am...

... still over at Typepad, you know ;)

Please, join me there!


Rounding off

I'm slowly rounding off this blog here and will continue blogging on Typepad.
Would you all be so kind to update your links & bloglines? Thank you so very much... I wouldn't want to leave anyone behind ;))

I'm thinking of holding a housewarming party at my new place, but first I must go to England and have lots of fun :))

---> I'm happy to be home again!



Hello everyone,

you're all invited to visit me at my new blog space!!

When you're there, you can read all about the skirts I made today.
So please, follow me :)


Need help picking out my birthday present!

People, I need you for advice!
My lovely hubby (or hush puppy as my colleague said yesterday) wants to give me a Typepad-account for my birthday. I've been wanting to make the switch for quite some time and now he's made the decision for me... isn't he the sweetest?!

So just now I've been checking out the website and what I really want to know is whether Basic will be good enough, or do I really need to get Plus?
What do you have and are you happy with it?
Is Typepad the best choice anyway?

Please, share your experiences with me! I'm so excited at the prospect of switching that I really want to do it NOW!

This photo does it no justice at all, but the sunrise was amazing this morning. A huge bright red ball of fire.


Big girl, small shoes

Amber has achieved something that took many months (years?), tears and a whole lot of courage.
For that she deserved a reward...

Tiny shoes that are impossible to walk on!
She was like Cinderella's step-sister trying to wriggle into these, but you should see how happy she looks when she has them on :))

Now what was the big project that we finally managed to tackle? She now sleeps without a nappy (diaper for you Americans) and that's a BIG deal!
It's been a long road for her, but apparently the time was right now. It's been more of a mental struggle than a physical one; she was just scared to go to sleep without a nappy.

However, on Monday morning -after another dry night- she earned her final sticker and that was that.

We're so proud of you, little big girl!!

Simon fell out of the tree... does he care? No way!

And how do you like my new sunglasses? These were the only remotely normal ones that I could find!! Michel now calls me Queen Bee Bling Bling. Well, this will be the summer of the bee then :)